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All my paintings are based on aesthetics, self-awareness and epistemology. On the other hand, I have a significant background in research on individual psychology and social identity and their use in teaching the basics of the visual arts.

Painting has always been a serious subject for me. Whether as a child I was immersed in dreams, or today, which is like breathing for me. I know I feel suffocated if I do not paint. The color, the shape, the texture and the strokes of the pen are a magical wood that translates everything inside and outside of me into the language of painting. In the meantime, I am able to play games and hide things behind other things in the shadow of ambiguity and mystery, and invite others to discover it. Social concerns ,love,solidarity and relationships between people have always been the subject of my paintings.

It is very exciting for me that in these experiences I become more and more self-aware and discover new aspects of myself. So I am.